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Can’t rotate phone to reveal graphs?

Rotate FinalIf you cannot rotate your phone from your score cards to reveal your graphs, your screen orientation on your iPhone is probably locked.

To change this and access your Batting/Bowling graphs on My Cricket Average, follow these simple instructions:

1. Double tap the home button on your iPhone and the multitask bar will appear.

2. Swipe to go left until you see the iPod controls.

3. Click the lock icon on the left hand side to “unlock.”

You should now be able to rotate from your Score Cards to your Batting/Bowling Graphs.

Rotate your iPhone to reveal Graphs

iStock - Hand 2Hand holding blank mobile phone

Once you have added some innings, your results will be displayed in MY STATS on your SCORE CARD.

When you are on your Score Card, rotate your iPhone landscape to reveal your graphs.

Click into each plot on the graph to bring up individual match statistics. From this pop up, you can also edit or delete results.

Click the graph icons in the top right hand corner to see your statistics displayed in other graphs.

Rotate you phone back to portrait to navigate back to your SCORE CARD.

Backup your Cricket stats with iCloud

icloud logoMy Cricket Average on iOS uses iCloud to backup your cricket stats, in the event that you break, loose or upgrade your iPhone.

To keep the cricket stats you input into My Cricket Average safe, we recomend you turn on your iCloud in your iPhone settings. Backing up your cricket stats using iCloud Backup will also enable you to access you stats on other iOS devices.

Instructions to turn on iCloud Backup: Go to your iPhone Settings > iCloud > Documents And Data > turn Documents & Data “On”

Your cricket stats will then be retrievable in the event that you break, loose or upgrade your iPhone.

Keep your cricket stats safe with iCloud.